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Algiers Point

Algiers Point is one of New Orleans’ most historic, peaceful neighborhoods. The Point is tucked peacefully away along the Mississippi River, offering panoramic views of downtown’s cityscape and the river. Algiers Point is a pleasant, walkable and quiet neighborhood that is just a few minutes from downtown New Orleans. Being the second oldest city after the French Quarter, you will not only enjoy stunning sunsets and festivals but also have a sense of relaxation.

Scenic Walking Path on ​Levee

The levee walking path extends over 10 miles, where you will regularly see bicyclists, runners, and families on an early morning stroll to watch the sunrise come up above Jackson Square, which is centered on the walking path. In the evenings, you’ll also see many residents coming together to catch the best sunsets New Orleans has to offer. 

Sunsets at The Point

Living in Algiers Point you will experience a different side of New Orleans filled with the true beauty of panoramic sunsets overlooking downtown cityscape.


The picture below was taken just to the right of the ferry which is just a short few minutes walk from Maritimes in Algiers Point.

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